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Everything you're thinking of 

Pricing and FAQ

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starting at $1000

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starting at $3500

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Lifestyle Portraits

starting at $500

On the day of the wedding, it felt like Margarita was a part of the family and easily fit in! We had fun while creating memories for a lifetime. She captured the precious, candid moments that mean everything to us.

- Caroline  + Alan - 

Margarita is amazing! My husband and I had the best time with her during our engagement and wedding pics. She is so thoughtful and caring. Our family (and us too) are blown away by the pictures she took at our wedding. Its impossible for me to pick a favorite because each picture is perfect! We couldn't have asked for a better photographer!

-  Kaitlyn + Mica

  • Q. What's your style?
    Fun, authentic, natural, warm romantic with a touch of photojournalism. I try to capture moments as they are happening but also give direction. I try to keep it 50/50.
  • Q. How do we book you?
    Super easy! You just let me know "Hey! We want YOU!" After I do a little happy dance then I email everything over to ya. You sign an agreement electronically with a retainer that's 40% of your package to book your date. DONE!
  • Q. I'm Eloping, does that cost the same as a traditional wedding?
    Yes and no. Elopement's are great because they are 100% customizable. I always say that if you are doing something very simple, like one location or a courthouse wedding and that's it you need a min of 2 hours. But you can also create an entire day dedicated to your love story. We could capture getting ready together, the ceremony, then spend the rest of the day doing things that mean the most to you and your partner. In less words, it's flexible and dependent and you and your partners wants and needs.
  • Q. How long will it take to see my photos?
    About 4 weeks max but... I tend to be pretty quick with so could be a bit sooner ;) Photography is my full-time job so that makes it easier for me to focus on your photos and get them back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Q. Do you need 2 photographers at a wedding?
    This 100% depends on what your wedding looks like. I recommend a second photographer if you are having a very large wedding. Two people will make it easier to capture more moments, details, guests, etc. OR if you and your partner are getting ready in two different areas. For the smaller weddings where all the events are happening in one location, I don't see that as a necessity. Having a second photographer is never a negative it just depends on what you're trying to achieve.
  • Q. How many photos will I receive?
    The number varies based on the length and detail of the event, but usually deliver between of 400-600 images. Elopements and multi-day weddings will vary.
  • Q. Will we receive ALL of the photos you've taken?
    Depends on if you are heavy blinkers lol You will receive a full story of your day and all the stunning photos that come with it, minus the test shots, duplicates, and ideas that don't pan out.
  • Q. Do you carry backup equipment? Do you have a certificate of insurance?
    Without a doubt! I have a backup camera body plus when I shoot I keep two memory cards in my camera. That way if anything happens to the one all your photos are already copied. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance, please contact us at least two-weeks before your wedding and we will happily submit it for you.
  • Q. Do you charge extra for travel?
    I work within a 1.5 hours radius from Baltimore, MD without extra travel costs. There's a small fee for nearby states that can be driven to, anything that requires a plane ticket is more and depends on location and time of year - but I am passport ready for any adventure with you!
  • Q. Can I post my photos on social media?
    YES, you can put them everywhere and anywhere you want. I just ask that you tag me when you do this. Love seeing what people share and all the hype they get from them. I also try and get images published, if this happens you'll be the first to know. If anyone reaches out to you directly for this please let me know, they would need my permission to use the images and I can give them access to the correct file types.




Based in Maryland. Margarita Photography specializes in documenting weddings, elopements, and portraits in an authentic modern way

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