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Venetian Hotel Engagement // Las Vegas, Nevada


D and J meet each other almost an entire decade ago at a music show that he was playing at. It took them a very long time to get to this place so they decided to go big for it. Their life together has been adventurous and spontaneous ever since. So I wasn't at all surprised when I got a phone call from D asking if I was free at the end of the week for their engagement session in LAS VEGAS!

I had no plans since it was December and had never been there before so why not just jump at the opportunity to also be spontaneous with them. So we booked the flights, hopped on a plane, and spent a few days on the Vegas strip. On our first day, we were exhausted from flying and not getting much sleep so we decided to keep it easy and meet up to talk about our plan of attack for the engagement session.

They were staying at the Venetian Hotel which is a tribute to Italian opulence and really loved the look of it. So they decided to make that the main location for their engagement session. It is a huge resort and the outside of the building is just beautiful. It was a blast exploring this new place with an incredibly loving couple. And can not wait for their wedding day!


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