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Maryland Wedding Photography // Howard Conservatory

Updated: Dec 11, 2020


K + N are some of the best people I've ever meet and they are beyond perfect for each other. I meet these two transplants on a photo walk in Highlandtown Baltimore a few years ago. We quickly became friends through that year and it was no surprise that they asked me to be apart of their wedding day as their photographer. Their closest people were invited to help make the day happen and for it to move smoothly. Getting ready went just as planned which wouldn't have been possible without the make-up and hair A-Team, Becky (hairstylist) and Torr (make-up)


After the brides got dressed and ready we all headed over to their wedding Howard Conservatory for their outdoor ceremony/reception. They really had to reduce the number of people that were invited because of covid, but the people that truly mattered the most made it out to witness their love story continue. K + N made every aspect of their wedding either together or with friends. From the signs to the centerpieces and their backdrop. And it ALL looked so wonderfully put together.


After the ceremony, their guests enjoyed a brunch from Milk and Honey (amazing by the way) while we explored the property together for their couple photos. I loved how much they trusted my direction and weird sounding requests for posing. They were down for anything and made my job super easy by just being so in love with each other. Every look they gave one another added more magic to the air and made for even better photos.



Makeup: @tmuabeauty

Suit: ASOS

Tailor: @bmorecustom

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