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Ccvision Car Special V18 117 UPD


ccvision car special v18 117

ccvision car special v18 118 ccvision car special v18 119 All rights reserved. All rights are free of charge and belong to their respective owners. Saturday, July 2, 2011 Who the Hell are You? "Who the Hell are You?" is a John Lennon song from his 1971 album, Walls and Bridges. It was released as a single in January 1971 and reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. It spent ten weeks on the chart and two weeks on the adult contemporary chart, where it peaked at #11. It was written by Lennon and songwriter Paul McCartney. Written and composed by Lennon, "Who the Hell are You?" was the first song he wrote with the intention of giving away to a charity or performing for charity. The song's working title was "Who the Hell is John?" Lennon later said that the song "was always intended to be on an album that was not just a collection of songs written by John Lennon but was also intended to be a commentary on life by John Lennon." The lyrics, inspired by Lennon's relationship with Yoko Ono, are sung in first-person by the lover to the woman he is obsessed with, and describe the woman's life and her career as a model. The song is a complaint that the woman has become a star, which he finds depressing. The album version of the song was released as the B-side of Lennon's "Imagine", which is not present on the single. Lennon himself described "Who the Hell Are You?" as "a love song [which] is about a woman who has become a big star. Not a bad thing necessarily, but it's made her a bit of a sadist and a bit of a pain in the arse as well. But it's still love, and that's the point. I don't want to know who she is. I'm just fucking in love." The Beatles were infatuated with the Japanese fashion model Yoko Ono after meeting her in February 1969 when they played at her apartment in New York City. During this visit, they heard Ono's rendition of "Give Peace a Chance" and proceeded to invite her to perform with them on their 1969 Abbey Road album. McCartney later said "John and I found ourselves utterly in love with Yoko, and we didn't care who knew it. It was something that we tried to keep secret, and kept secret very well."

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Ccvision Car Special V18 117 UPD

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