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Elopements and Intimate Weddings are incredibly personal and oh-so-romantic. If the intimacy of an elopement is right up your alley, I'm here to create one of your dreams. You can keep it simple or not, it’s all about YOUR adventure!

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What is an Elopement?
An elopement simply means to get married without any guests (just the couple themselves) or with just a very limited amount of guests. How many guests is for debate, but for us personally, an elopement is when you have less than 20 guests, and an intimate wedding is when having under 50 guests.


Why Elope?

There are so many reasons couples choose to elope. Some people don’t want the stress of planning a traditional wedding. For others “weddings” are just not them. By eloping, you can avoid complicated family matters or any religious or cultural conflicts.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time. Normally around 12-18 months. Some people just want to get married now and start their new life together sooner.

There is also potential financial saving. Having an elopement means you don’t need to feed 100+ people a three-course meal at $160 per head. This is not to say that people who elope do things on the cheap. It means they spend money on the things that really matter to them. You get the outfit you want, get the rings you want. And of course, the photographer you want. 

Photographically speaking, I love elopements because you can elope in incredible locations. With traditional weddings, you are often limited to where you can get married due to the logistics involving everyone. A wedding venue has to meet these requirements. But for elopement… you can get married anywhere! Top of a mountain, at the bottom of a waterfall, on a tropical island, in the desert or even on a Volcano! You are only limited by your imagination.


Combine your elopement with your honeymoon.
Go to the destination of your dreams or a destination that has significance/meaning to you. Elope, and then continue to explore the region on your own. Or move onwards to another destination not too far away.

1. Pick a location & date

When you elope, you can get married anywhere. Australia and the world is your oyster. Get married in your dream destination.

Pick a date. Something that has meaning to you. Maybe your current anniversary. It doesn’t have to be a weekend. Mid-week elopements may also mean more privacy if you are getting married in a public place.

Pick a location. The location is the most important factor and will dictate everything. Think of the type of climate and season you love, the things you like do, and the kind of destinations you are naturally drawn to. Think of exactly where you would like to say your vows. Mountains, beaches, forests, waterfalls, deserts, vineyards, cliffs etc. Think of National Parks and State Forests.

Your elopement can be combined with your honeymoon trip. So you could pick a destination that is in the region where you would like to honeymoon or is a location on the way to your honeymoon.

Amazing Elopement ideas  (My Bucket List)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dingle Peninsula - Ireland

Boston, MA

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Redwood National and State Parks - California 

Balboa Park, San Diego

California Big Sur - 

St. Augustine - Florida

Savannah, Georgia

New Orleans, LA (Hotel Peter and Paul)
Marylebone Town Hall, London


Elopements are awesome because it’s all about you. You can express who you are as a couple. Be as goofy, crazy, sexy, romantic, and fun as you want to be. But just be yourselves.

Get married in incredible locations, exploring together. It’s all about you.

Elopement photography is not just a ceremony and a few pretty pictures here and there. Elopements are an experience and a journey. From getting ready, first look, ceremony, popping some champagne to celebrate, exploring the region together, and doing activities that you love together.

The beauty of eloping is that the possibilities are endless. There are no rules. All you need is the two of you, an officiant, and two witnesses (I am happy to be one if needed). So let your creativity run wild! 

If you are looking for an elopement photographer anywhere in the USA or around the world, I would love to be considered. 




Based in Maryland. Margarita Photography specializes in documenting weddings, elopements and portraits in an authentic modern way

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