Setting up your  engagement session.

*Things to note: Some places do require you to get a permit (especially in the DC area)  Different prices for different areas, prices can range between $30 - $500.  

 - Season (spring, summer, fall, winter) if you want a certain look one might make sense over the other. August may be too hot for photos and Jan/Feb might be too cold icy. One last thing to remember is daylight savings. We have nice long days in the summer that gives us a longer day to work with if you or your partner have typical 9-5's

Some things to keep in mind when choosing locations:

- Memories - some people wanna go back to places or do things that bring them joy. Whether that’s a certain part of a city, cafe or park etc. Some activists could be having a picnic, hiking, getting your favorite food, puzzles, really anything you find fun. Even cook/baking. The options are endless!

 - Location - what to consider, outdoors, urban city, industrial or not, nature, woods or open fields, water views etc. You can rent an Airbnb, can even choose the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to go anywhere for great photos. You just have to have your favorite person. Also, chill pets are always welcome to join.

Engagement sessions are best done at specific times. Anything outdoors is best about an hour before sunset or if you wanna have EXTRA fun 30min before sunrise lol 

Anything indoors depends on where the location is and is usually best earlier in the day. 

If this is just to much for your brain I can certainly help you figure out some good options. Just let me know!




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