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Your newborn session prep guide

Things to note: Every session is different. Everyone's home, style, space, and surroundings are different. What does this mean? This means that not everyone has the same space to work in and that's okay. I have photographed in homes where the majority is under construction and all I've got is one good wall. I have photographed in others where every room is picture ready. The quality of your images stay the same, the backgrounds are just different.

Day of session

Make sure baby is fed 30 mins before your session time. This is to ensure they are at their happiest and I can get the most out of them. Sleeping is always better than crying. I love getting images of baby's wrinkles so no need to worry about an outfit. They can stay in a diaper and we will swaddle them.

Some tips and other things to keep in mind for your in-home newborn session:

Your space

Do not worry about making your home magazine perfect. Just declutter, so anything that you don't want to show up in your photos tuck it away. I LOVE incorporating your space into photos, it the room allows. So feel free to leave out the cute toys and framed photos. If it has purpose it'll add to the story.


 The only thing you need to worry about is showing up and looking fresh. I know you're probably very tired but as long as you look awake that's all that matters! Take a shower, brush that hair, throw on something clean/flattering, and don't even worry about the shoes. 

*Disclaimer* if you have bright colored walls please let me know - reds, yellows, hot pink etc.




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