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A Colorful Blagden Alley DC Couple Session // DC Photographer


L & M reached out to me not that long ago in hopes to capture their "love brand". They were the first people to ever talk about their love as a brand and way of life. I was really interested in hearing more about that. L wanted to have multiple photo shoots throughout the year that really captured who they were as a couple. So we scheduled the dates and came up with a few locations and things to do during their sessions since I want all my couples to have unique experiences at their shoots and not just the same thing over and over again.

This was their first session with me in the always wonderful NW area of Washington, DC. We started in Blagden Alley and then went over to 10th Street Community Park. We ended in front of the Unconventional Diner (which I ate at before the shoot and it was AMAZING)

I'm not sure what magic they use on each other but the energy was electric. I keep getting lucky with couples that are so deeply in love with each other that I barely have to do a thing to show that on camera. With A LOT of laughing, a little bit of direction and some unexpected running this session turned out amazing! And I can't believe that I get to do it again with them in another few months.



Artist credits for murals we photographed in front of featured in this blog:

L-O-V-E in rainbow colors - Lisa Marie Thalhammer

'XXIV Carrot' - designed by Marcella Kriebel (brought to you by Street Sense)

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