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Benefits of Doing a First Look

For those unfamiliar, the first look is a private moment shared between the soon-to-be-wedded couple, where they see each other for the first time in their wedding attire before the ceremony begins. While some might argue for the traditional route of waiting until the altar, there are compelling reasons why having a first look at a wedding is not just a good idea, but a great one.

Emotional Connection: Weddings are emotional roller coasters, filled with nerves, excitement, and joy. The first look provides a quiet moment amidst the chaos that is only yours, allowing you to connect intimately before the whirlwind of the day takes over. It will be one of the very few times you get to slow down, really get to take in what the day is about, and just be with each other.

Capturing an Authentic Moment: The first look isn't just about stealing a private moment—it's also prime time for some great photos. It truly gives space for unfiltered emotional reactions to seeing each other for the first time. Real life starts setting in and you get the chance to feel all the feelings without a crowd of people joining you.

Alleviating Nerves: Let's be real—wedding jitters are normal. But why wait until the altar to calm those nerves when you can do it with a dash of romance? Seeing each other before the ceremony can ease anxiety and provide reassurance, making the walk down the aisle a more relaxed and joyous experience. It's a chance to share a laugh, a hug, and maybe even a goofy dance move or two, all while easing those pre-wedding nerves.

Maximizing Time: With so much to do and so little time, weddings can feel like a whirlwind. Opting for a first look means you can squeeze in some quality time with your partner before the festivities kick into high gear. Also, if you plan on having cocktail hour you get to enjoy it. Since we can take the majority of your photos before the ceremony you'll have time to mingle with your guests, eat some snacks, or just step away for a bit to decompress before the reception.

But do I Have to?: No, You shouldn't be forced or feel pressured to do a first look if you and your partner feel strongly about only seeing each other at the ceremony. Even though there are a ton of benefits to doing a first look it isn't mandatory and it is still YOUR day. Do whatever makes you the most happy.

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