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Engagement // Patterson Park


Okay! This has to be one of my favorite sessions so far for the year! This was a surprise engamgent and it was the first that I was apart of and hopefully not the last. Noel + Kira meet long ago but are fresh transplants to Baltimore. When Noel first reached out to me with her planes I was super excited. The idea was that I was going to be "teaching" Noel how to pose and photograph someone, and her future wifey to be would modle for it. Noel chose Patterson Park at the spot to do it, since its large and has a lot of different settings. As I was giving her some tips and shots she stated that she forgot her shoes in the car, and would just meet us at the next location. And so Kira and I were left to wander through the park slowly walking in that direction killing time while I waited for the READY text.

Once I got it we headed towards the pagoda. The closer we got the more you started to hear their favorite song playing, Best Part by Daniel Caesar - in the background. Then you saw the mason jars lining the pathway with twinkly lights. They even went as far as adding some incense to make the area smell better!! Now that's details. This right here is the face Kira made as soon as she saw Noel standing on the steps with a bouquet of flowers from B.Willow Which also looked fantastic!

Find out if she said YES below!!!


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