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How NOT to stress on your wedding day // Baltimore Wedding Photographer


Some couples spend over a year planning their wedding day. Making sure it's everything they've ever wanted and then some. And once you've poured so much of yourselves into something so special it's easy to feel defeated if things don't go as planned. Here are 5 things to help you keep your day on track and help ease the blow if something happens.

#1 - Get a wedding planner OR a day of coordinator. Hiring someone to think for you and solve problems for you is extremely helpful to keep the day on track and keeps you free to spend more time enjoying your day rather than solving problems throughout it. You have more important things to do on your wedding day than trying to track down key cards for hotel rooms and where the bus is picking up your family members.

#2 - Roll with the punches. The more moving parts your wedding day has the bigger the margin for error is. More times than not something happens during a wedding day that forces a change. Humans aren't perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Someone forgot to order Lyfts to get the wedding party to the venue, the catering company set up the buffet on the wrong floor or the buttons tell off your jacket. But guess what, as long as you don't let these changes get to you you will still have an amazing wedding day.

#3 - Hire the right vendors. The right price isn't always the right fit. You want to surround yourself with people that have your best interest in mind. I can't say this enough! Make sure the people you hire are experienced. More seasoned vendors understand that sometimes things need to be skipped or missed to keep up with your day and make it run smoothly. I will 100% be there to make sure you are getting to do everything that's important to you. If changes come up or something runs behind I will come to you to see what's most important for you and your partner. And also make sure that you understand all of your options.

#4 - Skip the alcohol. OR at least pace yourself. There have been waaaay to many occurrences where one person didn't realize how much they were drinking and how little they were eating and it just wasn't a good time. You don't want to end up feeling dizzy or woozy for the wrong reasons during your ceremony.

#5 - Don't do it! Bet you didn't think I was going to say this. But if the thought of a wedding that takes over a year to plan, has tons of moving parts, and requires you to be present for 10 plus hours sounds exhausting to both you and your partner just don't do it. Getting married doesn't have to look one way. You can literally do anything you want. You can rent an Airbnb somewhere in the mountains and get married there. You can buy some plane tickets and fly to your favorite city and get married there. You can even drive down the street to your favorite restaurant and get married there. Make the day yours and make it personal.

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