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COVID-19 Quarantine // Baltimore, MD


Hey, it's me. It's been a little over a month so far of staying home, social distancing, watching Netflix (Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, etc), neighborhood only walks, late nights and late mornings. The effects of the stay-at-home orders are setting in and we still have over a month left (so far). I'm an extrovert and being made to stay in and only being able to socialize online is starting to take a toll on my happiness. It's upsetting to me that the only place I can go to connect with others is also a pit full of negativity, an incoherent president that changes their opinion by the day, false information, and seeing another person I know get COVID-19 (corona) or getting laid off from work.

I, unfortunately, am not able to work during this time and have nothing to do. I'm prone to becoming depressed if I don't get valuable time with friends. If I feel useless and have nothing to put my energy into. It makes me feel like my brain has gone to mush and it's difficult to get out of. I bought a ton of puzzles and trying to cook new things, but that only goes so far when you can't do what makes you truly happy. Connect with others and photographs.

After a few weeks of being a potato. Running through multiple seasons of the Ozarks in two days, bringing myself to watch Tiger King, because what else am I doing anyway. (Carol did it if OJ Simpson thinks so.) My body hurt from the lack of movement and I started to spiral into deep thoughts and become frustrated as to why I couldn't just be productive. So I decided to start taking self-portraits to keep creative and give myself something to look forward to again. I wanted to stay away from 'porch sessions' because I personally didn't want to unintentionally harm anyone (or vice versa). So I advocated to #stayhome and work with that I had. I hadn't done this in years and it was a lot more fun than I remembered. I've had a few other photography friends want to join in and we've set specific themes each week. I really hope this ends soon, but until then I've finally found something to help cope.

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