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Downtown Pittsburgh Elopement // Pittsburgh, PA // Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 2


I was very very excited to photograph C & Z Downtown Pittsburgh Elopement in the summer. I go way back with these two. C and I went to college together where we both studied photography. You get to know people on a different level when you spend hours and hours together in a dark room with zero sleep from procrastinating on finals.

I ended up moving to another state a few years later and C stayed in the city of Pittsburgh. She met her partner in a city bar as he was playing at an open mic event. And it was love at first drink. They spent a lot of time together, growing and learning, moving in, and adopting their wonderful little dog before Z poped the question. Not long after their engagement C reached out to me in hopes I was available for their PA wedding and willing to drive over for it. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to photograph somewhere new (I had left 7 years prior).

The date was set and the contract was signed, and then... covid happened. Everything was shutting down for longer and longer periods of time. A month before the wedding things were not looking any better so they decided to postpone it to the year after in hopes that things will be better. But they did not want to wait an entire year to tie the know. So they asked if I could make it to the city so that they could elope! 100 times yes! And I'm so glad they decided to do this. We were able to take our time walking through the city and stopping in places that meant something to them. It was amazing getting to see the city I was so used to from a new perspective.


Videography: Creation4Use

Featured in: What if we Elope?

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