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Lancaster Wedding // Lancaster, PA


Guys! Lancaster is SO close to me but I had never been before A + M's wedding day. I really thought it was all just Amish and baked goods, ( which isn't a negative cause those cinnamon buns are epic) but it's a vibrate city. We had a blast walking around the area, the

Prince Street Garage, Lancaster Central Market, even went to the polls so these two could vote! I'm glad to have yet another city that's nearby that's filled with vibrant life, good food, and great architecture. I will be returning soon to consume all the Amish things, leaving some room for some baked goods and golden hour outdoor shots. Rich in history, Lancaster is so much more than horses and carriages.

They got ready at her parent's home, the same place we did the first look. They had already seen each other's outfits but to see it all put together is a whole new sensation. I love doing first looks because it gives couples the time to really take everything in. The anxiety of the day goes away quicker when you get to see your love sooner. It's my favorite!


After the first look, we hit the streets of downtown Lancaster together. It felt like we walked around the entire city. We stopped anywhere and everywhere there was an opportunity for photos. Parking garages, city steps, empty lots, and cool walls with random colors on them. I love using my surroundings for my couples and I love getting really high up or laying on the ground to get interesting perspectives.


After exploring the city together we headed back to the county for their backyard wedding. They made everything themselves with their families help and it looked great! They invited their closest people to their small ceremony plus their beloved dog, Pablo. After the ceremony we headed to The Conestoga Area Historical Society in Conestoga, PA for some evening portraits. It was a little chilly but they kept eachother pretty warm. It helped add some different textures and backgrounds to the photos. We even found an old wooden two seater outhouse and we just HAD to take photos in. It was a blast hanging with these two and can't wait to see them grown together. I hope to return soon to enjoy all the things Lancaster has to offer, it is so much more than horses and carriages.


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