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Should We Do A First Look?


So you're thinking about whether or not you should do a first look. The short answer is YES!

First looks have easily become one of the most beneficial additions to a wedding day. If you’re on the fence, consider these points before sticking to the traditional aisle moment:

1 \\ You get to spend about 4-5 more hours with your love on your wedding day!

Who doesn't want that? It's the best way to take advantage of experiencing more of the day together.

2 \\ First looks are always more emotional and personal than seeing each other down the aisle.

If you’re nervous at all about being in front of a crowd, are an introvert, or just want a little private time on your wedding day, this is a huge benefit.

3 \\ You get to actually enjoy time with your friends and family during cocktail hour because we aren't scrambling for photos.

Bring on the apps and drinks and go mingle! Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. I want to create amazing photos for you, but I also want you to hang out with your guests and family and celebrate— that’s the whole point after all!

Afraid you'll miss that moment when walking down the aisle for the first time?


All of my couples still got chocked up seeing each other again

Music + Having your loved ones present = all the feels


Wedding photographer - Baltimore * DC * Philly * International

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